Trans inclusivity in the Workplace

The CTWP Mission is to promote California as a “truly transgender positive workplace” and create a model for the remainder of the country.


Find out how hiring Trans can help your business:
10 min video with an intro from Jeffrey Tambor from the hit Amazon TV series Transparent.

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If you would like to create a more inclusive workplace while accessing an untapped, talented pool of new employees - we are here to help. In a 4 year test - nearly 30% made the path to management. 
  Our program California Trans Workplace Project connects the dots.  

How CTWP works

CTWP educates
Management of businesses on Transgender Inclusivity


Assisting other LGBT organizations throughout the U.S. with similar programs

CTWP forges Alliances with Industry Associations

Connecting Employers with Transgender job seekers (who will be mentored through the process)

Special Service for Groups is the fiscal agent which this program is under.
CTWP Program is funded by California Workforce Development Board through TransLatin@ Coalition and Pollo West Corp as the Workforce Intermediary.  

Video from our collaboration partner
SF LGBT Center: Trans Employment Program

  1. * A recent survey by the Williams Institute of UCLA shows an adult transgender population in California of over 220,000.
  2. An estimated 1.4 million adult Transgender people live in the U.S.
  3. Transgender adults face double the rate of unemployment of the general population.
  4. Transgender women of color face 4X the unemployment rate.
  5. 90% of Transgender workers have experienced discrimination or harassment on the job.
Video from our collaboration partner
LA LGBT Center
How a Center supporter is changing the workplace for transgender people. 
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