SERVICES TransCanWork provides


  • Trans-Inclusivity Certification Training (Includes proprietary video training, exam and certificate. Upon completion, receive job board listings, window decal and web-ready icon.)
  • Trans Inclusivity Panel (Includes 2 hour Q&A format with transgender professional or executive. Topics may include: understanding the next generation of transgender and gender-non-conforming employees, do’s and don’ts, best practices to support gender diversity, transgender transitioning on-the-job, California legal requirements and more.)
  • Keynote Speaker (We can inspire and/or educate your group with customized content that will hit home and help you achieve your goals.)
  • Gender Diversity Workshop (Includes 4 hour, interactive session full of activities to expand awareness, educate and ensure legal compliance. Also includes pre / post assessments.)
  • Executive Coaching (Includes 2 hour private presentation and Q&A, followed by one-on-one coaching with a transgender executive. Coaching available in-person or virtually for 1 year).
  • Legal and HR guidance (Available hourly or as annual package. Receive top-rated legal advice.)
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Connect transgender job seekers with jobs in welcoming spaces

Search For a job

We provide a Jobs Board with open positions provided by employers in welcoming spaces.  
Our Jobs Board is being updated constantly, so please send us your resume/CV as we often receive positions faster than we can post them. 

Send us your Resume/CV

Our intake coordinator will collect some information from you to see which job opportunities would be the best fit for you.  The coordinator will also review your resume.  If you do not have a resume, we offer Job Readiness QuckShops to help get you prepared for interviews.  

Click HERE to send a resume or email.  

Your Resume/CV will be checked

Members of our staff are experienced in the creation and editing of resumes.  
A staff member will review your file and discuss with you the job opportunities that could be a good fit. 

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Apply for a position

Our staff will walk you through the process of applying for the positions we have in our roster.  
Each company and organization has their own way of receiving the application.  Our staff member will point you in the right direction.  

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Good Luck in your New Job

Advocacy & Outreach

May 10, 2017 LACCD released a resolution in support of TGNC and the workforce environment to work with TransCanWork to train all teachers, staff and workforce partners, create a TGNC summit and embed TGNC inclusion into curriculum.
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Advocacy & Outreach
Through coordination and collaboration TransCanWork works to enhance access to services for the communities we serve.

One recent example is helping to spearhead the passing of CA SB396 
The Transgender Work Opportunity Act - Boosting training to prevent descrimination and encouraging the hiring of TGNC
Safe Spaces  
TransCanWork works with schools to create workshops, speaking panels and summits to support transgender inclusion and diversity and help create safe spaces.  
Contact TCW to help your school or organization
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