The landscape for LGBTQ inclusion is changing every day.  In the US, an estimated 1.4 million adults in the US identify as transgender.  A study put out last year by the Williams Institute discovered that 27% of youth in California are identified as transgender or gender non-conforming.  When thinking about younger generations, we know that in the year 2025, millennials will represent 75% of the workforce. And millennials are more than 2xs as likely to identify as LGBTQ and more likely to identify as non-binary or genderfluid than previous generations.  For employers, it is no longer a matter of what to do if they have transgender employees, but a matter of preparing for when they have transgender employees.
    With data at the crux of informed decision making, TCW offers pre and post program evaluation to determine the needs of an organization and the cultural shift brought about from our work.
    TCW provides a variety of trainings on gender inclusion in the workplace and beyond. These workshops are designed to elevate understanding of gender diverse communities with direct guidance to create welcoming and inclusive workplace cultures.
    Direct guidance on implementation of transgender inclusive policies and practices. TCW provides consulting services for executive boards, HR, leadership teams, and more.
  4. eLearning
    For employers looking for a flexible and cost efficient means of meeting organizational goals and legal compliance, TCW offers a variety of eLearning programs and consultation services that will help your organization succeed.
    Our brains are wired to remember experiences and emotions. Through TCW experiential platforms, workplaces will get the greatest return on Diversity and Inclusion investments.
    Wanting to diversify? Ready to hire? TCW provides a direct connection to diverse and qualified transgender candidates ready to get to work for you.